Responsive Web Development

As technology has evolved many Internet users have a variety of devices that they use to browse Web Sites. This can pose problems for clients that want to enable web users to view their site across multiple platforms and devices. Clearly in an ideal world no matter what device the site is being viewed on you want your clients site to look great and be consistent. With Responsive Web Development that is exactly what you get.

We simply take your design and apply responsive framework. Of course we can and do work to designs for responsive sites. You complete the design with snap points and we transform that in to a multi platform fully functional Web Site that works on any device no matter what the size of the device.

We make use of our advanced programming skills and technology to provide users with a dynamically changeable viewing experience. The offer best practice so that when you have a responsive website it is compatible to any screen resolution, images, text and video and audio meaning site viewers don’t loose anything in translation, the site stays consistent and engaging to the viewer.

Why Just Code Ltd:

  • Responsive design with a CMS
  • Tablets compatibility for iPads, Samsung etc
  • Responsive web design viewable on Smartphones
  • Professional programmers
  • UK based team of developers
  • More than just 1 developer
  • Fast, reliable service
  • Focus On client satisfaction
  • Constant communication
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Online support and training
  • Site based visits if required
  • Cross browser and multiple device support

How We Work:

  • Dedicated account developer
  • Monitor your project undertaken by the assigned developer
  • Work to tried and tested work flows
  • Build to your design and required functionality
  • Interact with your hired developer directly, or your account manager
  • Account manager provides supervision to your developer
  • Your UK based dedicated web developer gives services the same as an in-house developer

On going support for you and your client